Monday, October 20, 2014

PHOTO BLOG: Yuwalaya begins club for hearing impaired kids

After months of homework and discussions, Yuwalaya has finally begun a child club for children with hearing disability.

The Saksham Child Club comprising of students from the Bhaktapur School for the Deaf was recently established. The club involves 20 children from the age 8 to 16. Currently, it is meeting every Friday for two hours.

Kalpana Dhimal is facilitating the activities.

Our Executive Member Bipana Dhimal who looks after the project has shared that the Club has already conducted following activities:

1.       Introduction of the child club and its activities
2.       Drawing competition.
3.       Orientation on child club and its importance.
4.       Games with moral
5.       Discussion on children's Day.
6.       Parents meeting

Dhimal has observed that though it is difficult to deal with children with the disability, changes are gradually surfacing.

She further shares, "Guardians and parents are happy with our child club."

Let us see some photographs of their activities!


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