Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yuwalaya organizes wall comics training for Saksham CC members

You must know that Yuwalaya has been running a child club for children with hearing disability. We have been organizing various activities at the club aiming at empowering them to use their rights.

Currently, members of the Saksham Child Club in Bhaktapur are receiving training on wall comics. The training has aimed to enable the members, who cannot speak or hear, to express themselves and voices for their rights with comic strips.
Yuwalaya's member Nirijana Bhatta, who runs wall comics training for children on a regular basis, has been facilitating the training for 11 members of the Club.

We organized the first phase of the training on Saturday, April 4. On the first day, the children learned to draw faces from alphabets.  The next session will be held soon.
Our Child Club Facilitator Kalpana Dhimal had translated the trainer's words to the children and the participants' expressions into words for the trainer.

We are excited to embark on the second session as children have shown a great interest toward the new form of expression, which will be useful and creative for them!

(We are thankful to our intern Merina Gurung for report of the event with insightful photos!)

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