Thursday, March 23, 2017

Diary from March 8

Kshitij Kayastha

On March 8, 2017, I witnessed one hundred or so men walking along the busy roads of Lalitpur, holding placards that voiced their solidarity against the violence faced by girls and women. The march was not anything special because a march walked by a few men cannot change the way of the world, but it surely can bring about a revolution: a spark to change the way of the world.

Initially, I was not very keen to participate in the march, as I was under the impression that such social evils existed no more in our modern society; I truly believed that walking the march meant that violence against women still pervades our society. However, while walking, I met a man who claimed to be a retired school principal. He explained to me the injustice faced by women in our country: the brutality of men against women in remote villages as well as urban cities itself. I came to learn that mothers are mercilessly beaten by drunken fathers while daughters are regarded as banes of the family.

“Violence is an infection, a disease that has been permeating our kind since the very first day of our existence,” He explained.

“The fight against violence against women has been going on for decades, but we have not smelled victory till date. Why is it so?”

I had no answer for him.

“It is because of the ignorance of good men that bad men still violate the laws of nature. Being ignorant about such a pivotal subject has led us to this social evil. Thus, it is our duty to spread awareness to every part of our country, to educate people about the injustice faced by women and act against those who violate women's rights. I hope that you are keeping up with me young man!”

Astonished at what he said, I realized the importance of the march. I also realised that I was also a part of one of the greatest social evils of the 21st century, for I was ignorant. However, today, after giving much thought to the subject, I believe that it is every man’s duty to help not only their daughters or wives or mothers, but every woman in distress.

It is imperative for boys and men to realize the role they play in eradicating this evil. We as boys and men must not look over such a critical subject, thus I sincerely ask men and women alike to act against this social evil that permeates our society, by only realizing the gravity of the situation, thereby speaking up for those in distress.

Kayastha is a student and volunteer.

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